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Headaches: nearly 10 million people affected in France

In 3/4 of the cases, it is women who suffer the most from migraines and headaches, in an age group between 25 and 55 years old (sources: BVA survey for the Club de la Migraine).

Impressive figures that do not take into account less severe headaches, but just as debilitating. Despite all the research and theories put forward, their origin is still very mysterious.

There is no scale for headaches. The headache can be persistent, intense, recurrent and sometimes even constant. If it is not linked to an identified health problem, it often comes from a large accumulated fatigue or one-off stress.

This is a vicious circle that takes place and that we would do well: headache, fatigue, sleep. Nothing helps and every moment of thinning becomes fleeting happiness, a breath of fresh air.

Very often the headache is diffuse and throbbing, ready to arise at the slightest annoyance or the slightest effort, at the slightest nervous or muscular tension. We no longer dare the slightest deviation, lest it resurface hastily and without the slightest warning sign. Headache, often referred to as "migraine", is a real handicap that seriously affects well-being and the urge to do so.

Headache: what to do?

Leaving aside the proven cases of migraine, the headache is often related to stress and fatigue. Often a healthy lifestyle can greatly contribute to improving the situation: digestible meals and at regular times, no excess of any kind, sleep respected for example.

If despite all that, nothing helps and you have already tried all kinds of remedies, the "Vital Harmony" device, with its dedicated program, coupled with the "stress" program, can contribute effectively to the reduction of these annoyances. Little by little, you will find that your headaches will become more widespread, giving way to a new lightness and a better quality of life.

Usable by the whole family, it is a natural and effective solution to regain your well-being by gradually decreasing this hellish circle headache, fatigue, sleep.

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