Stress: how to reduce or decrease your stress?

Permanent stress, acute or temporary stress, daily or temporary stress: everyone is affected

Stress and burnout: impressive figures reveal the extent of a phenomenon that is both societal and personal. Almost 80% of those interviewed say they are stressed, especially women who often manage two lives in one.

Beware of daily stress, difficult to detect!

One-time stress causes a natural reaction comparable to a defense and adaptation mechanism. When this stress becomes permanent or chronic, the cascades of physiological events that it can cause exhaust the organism. Then, little by little, a daily and sneaky stress develops, which manifests itself most often by physical or psychological fatigue with its share of annoyances.

Symptoms of daily stress

Thus, we often find ourselves repeating sentences such as: "because of stress it makes me scratch", "because of stress, I can't sleep anymore", "because of stress I don't eat anymore" and well still others in the same spirit. If you take care, this stress can quickly develop into anxiety stress, or even depression associated with physical problems such as bloating, hot flashes, a lump in your stomach or throat, pain in your back or stomach, insomnia.

These forms of stress often appear following difficult events (an emergency, a divorce, a retirement, the loss of a loved one, etc.) and should not be left behind. settle down.

Work stress: multiple forms of stress

Among all types of stress, we obviously find stress at work which can take many forms. Among these, the relationship between stress and fatigue, or even between stress and extreme fatigue, is undoubtedly the most obvious. To put it colloquially, stress at work can manifest itself in different ways including the presence of back pain or the classic sign of a lump in the stomach accompanied by great weariness.

If this type of work-related stress takes hold for a long time, it can then take the form of nervous stress accompanied by anxiety, insomnia and, again, various unusual physical signs such as: headache, constipation, stomach ache and severe fatigue. Such signs are often indicative of real stress, but obviously not perceived as such.

What to do against stress?

The first action to take is obviously to be attentive to your own behavior. Identify unusual nervousness situations, stress peaks that may arise during a particular and destabilizing event, a new job, a new position or new responsibilities. So many elements that can unmask stress for no apparent reason which, if not taken into account, can insidiously evolve over time towards a more or less significant burnout situation.

With stress, millions of people suffer in silence from a devious discomfort, often associated with other environmental or personal disturbances. With its specific program, Vital Harmony is an anti-stress device that can help quickly reduce your stress. A few sessions will convince you of its effectiveness and the relief it will give you.

Usable by the whole family, it is a natural solution to quickly regain your well-being by erasing these stress shots that pollute your existence.

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