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Vital Harmony

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VITAL HARMONY is ideal for recovering form and vitality, finding a calm sleep but also for combating stress and headaches. VITAL HARMONY can be used by the whole family.

VITAL HARMONY's objectives:

- VITALITY: Strengthens the natural defense system. Decreases joint and muscle sensitivities. Combats states of fatigue.

- STRESS: Reduces personal, social and oxidative stress.

- MIGRAINE: Improvement of headaches.

- INSOMNIA: find a natural and balanced sleep.

Healing waves,...

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The waves that heal

The waves that heal is a work intended for the general public to understand the mechanisms of micro-currents. It combines technicality and simplicity allowing everyone to simply understand the world of electrotherapy.

Written in collaboration with Georges Vieilledent (Lecturer and manager of CORAMP SOLUTIONS) and Raymond Herren (Electronic engineer)