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About Vital Harmony

Technology at the service of your well-being
Your well-being is your most precious asset!
Well-being has become a major issue in our societies.
Day after day, our bodies are subjected to the effects of stress and environmental pollution such as wifi waves, electromagnetic fields, noise and visual pollution.
Slowly but surely, all this pollution weakens organisms and lowers their defensive capacity.
All kinds of inconveniences then show up, which can quickly become unbearable.

Vital Harmony: how does it work? A device that uses micro-currents

A micro-current is a very low current generally used to reproduce cellular electrical currents. Apart from occasional slight tingling, they are totally imperceptible and safe for your health.

They effectively stimulate the body and its self-healing processes, they are a soft, effective and natural solution to help your body strengthen its defenses and overcome excessive physical or mental tiredness.

Today, there are many devices using micro-currents. They all use the principle of electrostimulation, which consists in receiving, through the electrodes placed at specific points in the body, micro-currents which stimulate nerve fibres or muscles.

VITAL HARMONY, a device developed and manufactured in France by Biomos Technology, works according to the same principle: handles, acting as electrodes, are held in the hand. But unlike all devices available on the market, micro-currents are transmitted taking into account the physiological signature of the user. This takes into account the heart rate and the resistivity of the user's skin, thus allowing a better and more adapted diffusion of micro-currents.

A little history....

For more than a century, science has known the benefits of micro-currents to stimulate the body. They work effectively to, for example, accelerate healing or strengthen the immune system.

Recent studies also show that micro-currents can strengthen certain functions that are weakened by our lifestyle.

In fact, from a biological point of view, it is now scientifically proven that every living cell is characterized by significant electrical activity. In the order of a few microvolts, this natural activity, both changing and very complex, is due to the fact that the human body is largely composed of saline water (more than 70%).

Vital Harmony: technical file

If you would like to obtain technical and scientific documentation on the use of micro-currents by our technology, please contact us via the "contact" section. We will send it back to you.

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